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Aveda Autumn/Winter 2014 Romantic Grandeur Makeup Collection

Check out this behind the scenes video of the Romantic Grandeur Makeup Collection. It is gorgeous!

Click Here

fall romantic grandeur 2014 makeup.jpg
fall romantic grandeur 2014 makeup.jpg

"Every collection has a story, but this one in particular emerged image by image into what feels like a picture book to me. The blurred photography has a nostalgic, anti-digital quality, like memories captured on Polaroid film. And the women look like characters in the story.

We see them moving through the halls, catch a glimpse of sparkle, a flutter of veil. Lush layers in their garments re-emerge in decadent textures throughout the hair, and in rich, hyper-natural hair colors. Strong hair cuts have feathery, fine edges like the delicate dresses they wear, and makeup takes on a romantic, vintage quality with shades that deepen like dusk.

Step into the dream."

- Antoinette Beenders

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